We have all heard of Disney using weenies in their theme parks to draw guests further into each area of the park. When planning Animal Kingdom, one of the largest draws of the park was the presence of living animals in the park (not just animatronics). While we see weenies used through large structures at Animal Kingdom (Tree of Life, Everest, the floating mountains, etc), what about the living weenies?

In most zoological facilities, large charismatic megafauna are used to draw in guests. Obviously, it’s expected to see the same in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Africa has the Pangani Forest, featuring gorillas, and Asia has the Maharajah Jungle Trek, featuring the tigers. Even DinoLand has a living weenie!

So, what animals must you see to make your day at Animal Kingdom special? What “animal weenies” draw you into the park? The gorillas? The tigers?

For me, I love elephants and that always has me heading straight to the Kilimanjaro Safari. As a zoology major and aspiring zookeeper, I love the safari because it gives me the opportunity to see animals in enclosures that are magically Disney and creatively realistic.

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