Haven’t seen much talk about this here. It happens to also be DH and I’s anniversary (4/22) so we always go to AK to celebrate our anniversary with theirs.

There’s been 1 blog post about it

Granted, not much else is known yet I suppose
I know we want to see the new Up! show for sure.
Joe Rhode is supposed to be there and I hope to get a chance to see him (along with thousands of others I’m sure)
The Tiffins Talks look very intriguing.

I happen to notice this tour when I was looking around at the website last night. Is it new? I’m thinking I haven’t seen anything about it before

A Path Less Traveled
I booked it for us for the 22nd. AP holders do get 15% off by the way. We both thought it looked really fun, even though we did Caring for Giants last year (we loved it and glad to do it again)

Anyway, back to the kick off on the 22nd. We plan to be at rope drop that day. They make it sound like they’ll do something special. I hope at least.

Anyone else planning to go?
Looking forward to something particular?
Want to post here if you learn more info about any of the events?

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