It’s the 4th of July in Progress City, and that means pageantry!

So here’s some pageantry.

It’s the thrilling dedication of the American Adventure at Epcot, which took place on October 11th, 1982. Thrill to the oratory of Card Walker! And the pavilion’s two sponsors, American Express CEO/Chairman Jim Robinson and Coca-Cola President Don Keough. All introduced by the 1982 Walt Disney World Ambassador Jeanne Thiele.

Each of the World Showcase pavilions had a dedication much like this, with some sort of musical performance and choreographed dance number. They usually also featured an appearance by the pavilion’s major sponsor. The entire month of October was filled with these events; everything in Epcot got one, with VIP cocktail parties and other hobnobbing opportunities.

So strike up the band and celebrate America 1980s-style!

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