Eager to know more about the upcoming Christmas season at Disneyland Paris ? DLP released this new video ( in French with English subtitles ) : Disney’s Enchanted Christmas told by those who made it !

For the first time, show directors and show writers present together the highlights of the upcoming season, starting on November 11 at Disneyland Paris!

Among the new shows this year for the Christmas season the not-to-be missed “Goofy’s incredible Christmas” projection show on the Tower of Terror facade, here are some pictures shot during the tests by our friends of ED92.

Also, Max, D&M contributor has filmed a cool “extreme low light” video of DLP Phantom Manor with his new A7SII camera, the one so sensitive that it films at night like if it was daylight – and God knows that the Phantom manor ride is dark, right? Check this below and choose to watch it in the highest resolution ( 1440p ), made from a 4K shooting.

And here are two others video filmed by Max, the first one of Art of Disney Animation at DLP Walt Disney Studios Park…

And the second of the Halloween Coco decorations at DLP Frontierland.

Videos: copyright Disney, DLPWelcome

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