I’ve just seen the hous have changed for our AK day next week, moving the EMH from 8am to 7am. This has thrown my carefully laid plans!

I was planning to get there just before 8, do Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl and EE during the EMH whilst hopefully everyone was in Pandora. Then at 9 do Kali River, and the Maharajah trail, we have a Mickey and Minnie FP at 9.40, and then I thought we could go to Rafikis before our Safari FP at 11.35 and FoP at 12.55.

Should I still get there just before 8 and hope the standby queues aren’t too bad for the first three rides by then? Or try and make 7, in which case we’re going to end up with a gap (and I’m not sure I fancy a water ride at 8am!)

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