I am very excited for our FP+ booking day tomorrow, but am not sure how to book our first AK day, which is on day 60+1 (Thurs. May 10). We have two AK days planned – one on day 60+1, and one on day 60+4. We were planning to try for FOP on both days, so that we can ride more than once without doing the crazy dash at RD. Touring plans is showing that, at best, I will only be able to get late afternoon on day 60+1. We have a 5:10 reservation at Sanaa that I really want to keep, for my animal-loving birthday boy. I can try to make the FOP FP+ that day for the evening (how late?), and go back to AK, or maybe nab the last one before we leave the park, like at 4:00. Fyi, on that AK day, day 60+1, we are planning to RD AK, so it will be a long day if we go back. Though we might go to ROL anyway. Should I get a FOP FP+ – if I can – and then try to adjust it in the future, to make it earlier, or just get a FP+ for something else so that we can get a possible 4th FP? Or so that we will have 3 FP+ to use in the early afternoon when it’s likely crowded? Is it worth getting one for Navi River? Either way, we will try for FOP on our second AK day….

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