We got back this morning at 12 AM from an amazing week and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the tips and tricks and for putting up with a first-timer and her millions of questions! I wanted to share bit about our experience! I told my husband that the reason why we had such a great time was because we were well prepared and had a ton of information which is part of being on DIS and also digging around on the net reading blog posts, etc.

So we did 4 days at the parks which was the perfect amount for us. 1st day was HS which was fantastic, TONS to do there and we were not disappointed whatsoever! 2nd was MK, then AK then finished with MK again. The schedule we chose was great for our family, I can’t imagine doing any more than 4 days but that is just us! My tip is that you know your family better than anyone so don’t be pressured into doing more or less days.

The crowd levels… yeah.. they were crazy! We went on a supposedly “low crowd’ week and granted I have nothing to compare it to, but it was definitely full and busy. However with the fastpass system and booking more fastpasses once our first three were gone we were able to do pretty much everything we wanted to do and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. We did a TON of stuff and had a blast! The weather was awesome, we had 10 ponchos packed and only used 2 for the Kali River Rapids, lol. :)

We had no problems with ride closures at all. If there were closures we didn’t run into it. I was thankful that wasn’t an issue for us! We stayed off site and rented a stroller for our kids ages 6 and 7 and were SO glad we did! We also packed lunches which saved us money and the stroller was handy to have to carry all of our stuff and mostly to get us back to the parking lot at the end of the night. Overall I am really happy we stayed off-site, I don’t think we would ever do it differently (if we go back) as the money we saved was huge and we got so sick of the food after the first couple days! ETA: This is all just our own experience and what worked for us!

There was so much about our trip that had me near tears, but the fireworks at MK really took my breath away! The green area in front of Casey’s was a perfect spot to view them. I believe very shortly it is going to be blocked off for only reserved guests so I felt super fortunate that the area was still available because it wasn’t nearly as packed as the streets. It allowed me to get some great shots (I was feeling a bit out of place with my tripod and nice camera set up, but I am so happy I took them with me!) Don’t worry, I didn’t block anyone’s view ;)

Here are two of my favourite shots from the fireworks:



Overall an absolutely fantastic trip, loved every minute!
Thanks again everyone!

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