We’ve toured The World twice before, once in 2012, then again in 2014. We missed 2016, and now we are coming back for a Feb, 2018 trip. We’ve always stayed on site before (kids were young and prices were lower), but now due to family economic considerations, skyrocketing prices for tickets, hotels, etc…we’ve decided to pare down to the bare minimum to be able to afford to come at all. We’re staying off-site and had to decrease to only 2 park days, so I really need to be on the ball with planning to make sure we can do all we can with our limited time.

We are planning to spend Wed, Feb 21 at AK, and Fri, Feb 23 at EP. We will have a rental car, so we’ll have to learn how to drive around The World for the first time, also. We are also doing Universal for 3 days, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, and 2 days in Tampa for Busch Gardens and Clearwater.

I used to feel pretty confident with my ability to plan, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed now with our new, kamikaze style of touring we’re having to adopt, and I’m looking for advice.

What parking strategies should I employ? How much should we expect to pay for parking at WDW?

How has the addition of the Pandora attractions changed touring strategies for AK? Is it unrealistic to assume we can do most of the headliner attractions all in one day?

Are there any major changes to EP that I should be aware of in the past 4 years?

We will be using the FP+ system to the best of my ability, however we can’t book anything for another few days, and I am afraid most FP’s for the Pandora attractions will be gone before I can even get on to book.

Any other advice would be appreciated, and I am sure I will have more specific questions as I continue planning!


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