We recently moved our trip from September to May. We are going to be flying in Wednesday, May 16 around 7pm and flying home Monday, May 21 around 7pm.

We have 3 Day base tickets and an extra waterpark day from our travel agency. Our travel group consists of myself DH, DD6, DS5, and DS 4months. This will be our 3rd trip to Disney. We have chosen to forego hoppers for various reasons, but we have our favorites in each park and with the baby in tow, we figure we will be going much slower than usual. I am having trouble deciding which days to do what though bc we normally have the hoppers. We have no trouble getting to a park at rope drop and typically Love morning EMH but can leave mid-morning after they are over.

Thursday, May 17 EMHs EP (morning)
Friday, May 18 EMHs MK (morning)
Saturday, EMHs AK (morning)
Monday-resort day

Which days would you do which parks? Is our 1 hour of EMHs going to be completely negated by heavier crowds there all day? Our FP day is coming up in about a week so I have a few more days to decide. We don’t have any ADRs that would be hard to reschedule so that’s not an issue.

We aren’t interested in HS. We were just there last April. Our kids are too short for RnRC, didn’t much care for TOT, the 6 year old got sick on Star Tours and they were both scared of Fantasmic! Lol On the other hand, they loved Epcot! Go figure!

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Don’t forget we get a waterpark day somewhere in there too!


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