I know we don’t even know when the new land will officially open but I’m sure many people who are planning 2019 trips are taking into consideration the new land may open sometime that year.

If you’re planning a 2019 trip are you taking the opening of Star Wars land into consideration of when you go? Are you choosing to go before the possible opening, therefore waiting longer to eventually visit the new land? Or will you choose to go after the possible opening, brave the crowds and get to see the new land sooner?

I’m currently planning a 2019 trip as well and find it hard to pick a time of year to go. On one hand I love Star Wars, I’m very excited about the new land and don’t visit Disney World every year. On the other hand I’m concerned about how bad the crowds will be for months after this new opening.

What are all of your thoughts if you’re currently planning a 2019 trip?

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