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Let’s Have A Drink On It! Seven Seas Drink

It's back! Enough of you enjoyed my first foray into themed mixology enough for me to consider making this a regular series. And, as I'm able to invent or refurbish drinks, I will. So if you enjoy your theme park history sprinkled with some distilled spirits, let's have a drink on it!This month's drink comes

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AP, Memory Maker, and Friends n Family question

The way I understand it, anyone who is linked to the AP's account will have their photos show up in their stream. Because I have over 20 people linked to mine, I get a constant stream of new pics any time one or more of them visit WDW. It helps me get through the time

Scents on rides/attractions

Yeah, a lot of rides have a particular scent that is not artificial, it's just part of the show building. No worries on CoP or CBJ. Soarin' is the one where they really get you with scents, especially on the new version. It's Tough to be a Bug also has one part, and Muppet-Vision 3-D

Advice for first time in a long time trip

Looking for advice for an upcoming trip, my wife and I were frequent Disney World visitors when we were kids but this is our first trip in about 15 years since I was a college student. We driving down from the Carolinas and will be staying for a week (Sat to Sat.) in late April

It’s almost FP time. Need help getting ready.

More questions:On my MDE account (mine is Elle), I can see everyone from all 3 accounts on my "friends & family" list.Everyone under Elle & Kris show up under "we're planning together." Amy's group shows up under "my other family & friends."1. Two members from Kris's group state "plans managed by me." Kris herself does

Expiring FPs and Tiered Parks

sponica said: ↑ Is there any reason in particular for DD9 to have a tier 1 FP (aside from giving her band to her sister for a bonus ride)? Star Tours is Tier 2 so you should be able to get extra FPs for that ride without having a tier 1 in the first 3.

Throwaway Room – Offsite to Onsite Stays – Update

Back in the fledgling days of Fast Pass plus (FP+), there was a real concern that 60 day FP+ reservations would only be available for those that had a Disney Resort reservation. At the time, only same day FP+ (SDFP) reservations were available for offsite guests, with no end in sight. Enter the "throwaway room",

Tiered Pricing on Tickets….

Although we don't know the details of any tiered multiday tickets, the single day tickets might give us a hint - where regular tickets are about 10% higher than value tickets and peak tickets are about 20% higher than value tickets. If that's what it ultimately looks like, it will affect when some people go

Animal Kingdom’s 20th – Party for the Planet

Haven't seen much talk about this here. It happens to also be DH and I's anniversary (4/22) so we always go to AK to celebrate our anniversary with theirs.'s been 1 blog post about it, not much else is known yet I supposeI know we want to see the new Up! show for sure.Joe Rhode

Ugh, Me Again, I know! :)

Funny those are the three times you are considering...Our first family trip was mid-May 2014. It was pretty hot for most of the week, and rained a couple of days, but otherwise nice. Very manageable crowds. Got in lots of pool time.Our second family trip was mid-November 2016. The weather was glorious. Never too hot,