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DDP Guests Can Now Use Mobile Ordering

Here is the irony ............. they are having problems with folks sending their family for a table while one person is in line, so the CMs at times are there to stop this. With mobile ordering, the CMs are directing you to go find a table and wait for your notification. Last week our family,

Taking things with a grain of salt…

I appreciate your report, and I agree... people do let negative reviews worry them needlessly. But I find it kind of ironic that those same people will be reassured by this one positive review, as if it really makes a difference. Of course, every negative experience will be balanced out by someone else's positive experience.

Enough time for star wars land?

Well, the thing is that we just really don't know how long it will take to see Star Wars. I would expect it to be very, very busy, but if that is your priority and you have full days at HS dedicated to it, then I can't imagine it will not be doable. Just realize

Opening Show or Mickeys Royal Friendship Fare?

Uh oh, here's something different since I was there 4 years back. So the opening ceremony is on the castle stage now? So what time do they start letting you in for a 9am opening? Can you sort of line up at the spoke you want to enter... we planned to try and hit Buzz

The “EMM” Thread – MK/Fantasyland Early Morning Magic FAQs – July Dates Added, See Post 2

The "Official" EMM Guest List​ I'm going to do a little experiment here and see if keeping a "guest list" for EMM has any value for folks. There might be too many dates / too few DISers for it to work, but I'll give it a shot.If you'd like your name added, don't hesitate to

Here now and leaving today 1/25-1/30

Today concludes another great family Disney vacation. Writing this from the airport. A few thoughts on our park experience.We visited Magic Kingdom almost everyday and for the kids in our group, ages 7-1, this was a huge hit. We stayed on the monorail, so this was super convenient. Security seems to have all its kinks

Kids are off property with band and I’m on property

Both of my kids have MB from previous trips so I am trying to figure out how to add them to my upcoming trip on MDE. They will be traveling with their High School Band and staying off property and I am staying on property. Is there a way to add them to MDE for

Marvel Studios Release a First Trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp !

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, and it looks great![embedded content]Picture and video: copyright Marvel Disney Star Wars Resort Website Designed by Disney World Resorts Info

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Will the Land of Anaheim Angel Stadium be the One Where Disneyland Resort Will Build a Third Theme Park ?

Two weeks ago, in an article titled "A roadmap to a third gate at Disneyland needs Gardenwalk" John Frost from The Disney Blog explained, now that the Gardenwalk property is on the market, why Disney should buy it as "it’s half a block away from Disney California Adventure and across Katella from one of Disneyland’s

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PHOTOS – Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort expansion preview center

The expansion of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is well underway, and to give guests an idea of what is to come, a preview center has been opened inside the resort. A model of the resort shows the new additions in white, including the new tower block and lagoon restaurant. The 15-story tower, expected to open

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