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How to Talk Like Disneyland

Do you frequently use words like autopia, circarama, monstro or hippopotami? You know you do! This rare 1962 handbook helped transform Disneyland personnel into well-spoken rhetoricians. So straighten up, relax your throat, engage your diaphragm, and let's all learn how to speak the Disneyland way! The booklet ends with a list of common "Disneyland words". There's some nice nostalgia

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Inside Out! Episode Five

By Michael - July 24th, 2016 It’s been quite a week… quite a month… quite a year… pretty much all around the world. So why not let’s escape all that – escape through space and time to a magical place called 1994. When the world was new. Yes, it’s time for a new episode of

Gifts From Disneyland 1960

Oh, for a time machine!Shopping at Disneyland in 1960 was the BEST ever.   Look at all the fun things you can buy.What are we waiting for?  Let's shop!   Even the catalog, colorfully illustrated, is a wonderful souvenir. And who wouldn't want a "Magic Surprise Box" from Disneyland? A Skyway Chalet that tells the

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