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Did You Sea This News?

With all the incredible advances in learning more about the alien world beneath our feet, every day it seems more and more of a shame that EPCOT only offers up cartoon fish and singing stingrays."Seas that would make this planet unlike any other within the realm of our knowledge. ... It is there, in those

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Why EPCOT Lost Its Way

At the D23 Expo last week, a frenzied festival of corporate control and spin, there was this discovery:How did Disney allow this to escape?  Or this? What on Spaceship Earth was someone at Disney thinking when they allowed things like this to be seen? Of course, you'll probably recognize these as abandoned, never-built concepts for

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The Best EPCOT?

Yes, I know ... it's been a while since I've posted, thanks to business travel and all sorts of other distractions.  But with the recent rumors floating fast and furious that Phineas and Ferb will join Nemo and the Three Caballeros in the endless dumbing down of a half-empty EPCOT, here's a video I stumbled

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