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Memories of EPCOT Center

Memorial Day may be past, but it still seems an appropriate time to remember some of the best aspects of a bygone EPCOT Center.  Although many have suggested that the goal is to "turn EPCOT into a museum," nothing could be further from the truth: EPCOT Central would love to see EPCOT take the best

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Beating Disney at Its Own Game … Again

Here's what a visitor to EPCOT Center would see today: * A Universe of Energy attraction that hasn't been updated in 18 years, despite the remarkable advances in alternative energy and even fossil-fuel technology since then; * The Seas With Nemo and Friends, which took the formerly thoughtful and dramatic Living Seas and turned it

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All Manor of Envy

Sorry.  I know this is long overdue.  I started this post three weeks ago and then, well, life happened. All is well, except for the little matter of being so envious of Hong Kong Disneyland. The only Disney theme park in the world I haven't visited, and hadn't particularly wanted to visit has become the

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