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The 21st Century Begins for EPCOT Central

Thanks to the urging of several readers, EPCOT Central is now on Twitter, joining the masses of people who somehow have figured out ways to express themselves in 140 characters or less! [embedded content]While it's no substitute for World Key (but then, what is?), EPCOT Central's Twitter handle is:@EpcotCentral82Thanks to those who suggested it!

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Stunning, Incredible & Heartbreaking

[embedded content] This breaks my heart.It is stunning technology.  There's no better place than EPCOT to apply such a remarkable display of ingenuity.  It is incredible to witness.And it's so utterly wrong.Guests will love it.  They'll think it delightful and adorable and fantastic, and they'll take lots and lots of videos and pictures to send

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