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Meanwhile, Down the Road

A hundred miles southwest of EPCOT, it's happening. Even as Disney continues portraying an outdated "vision" of our world's energy needs, even as it virtually ignores the realities of the past 15 years, a sleepy little Florida hamlet called Arcadia (ironic, no?) is home to the country's largest solar-panel power plant.It's puzzling indeed to see

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Presented By … No One?

It was a surprise to walk up to The Land pavilion at EPCOT recently and discover that Nestle was no longer the presenting sponsor. The Seas With Nemo and Friends has a beautiful VIP lounge (complete with circular logos for "The Living Seas") that mostly sits empty. GM has emerged from bankruptcy, leaving EPCOT lovers

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Dear Steve Jobs,

That's highly commendable. No sarcasm here. It's about time someone tell the Consumer Products division of Disney that its "vision" of the Disney Stores as being "the best 30 minutes of a child's day" is, frankly, not impressive. It's been a long while since Disney Consumer Products was impressive, and now that Dick Cook at

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