The latest “12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas” article series tell us more about the storyline of the Incredicoaster opening this summer at Disney California Adventure!

“This summer will bring a transformed land to Disney California Adventure park with Pixar Pier, featuring the Incredicoaster – a new experience featuring characters from “The Incredibles.” A super combination of character figures, lighting and special effects will bring the action to life as the Parr family races alongside you in an attempt to catch baby Jack-Jack!”

So, here we are: the storyline of the Incredibles coaster is all about Jack-Jack and catching him. Imagineers Jeff Shaver -Moskowitz and Tracey Noce will tell you more in a few seconds in the video below but first let’s have a look at the screen captures i did out of it. Also note that the two renderings above are here in real big size, big enough to make some great wallpapers so click on each to get them in bigger size.

Below is Imagineer Tracey Noce, and as you might see there is a rendering we’ve not seen before displayed on the iMac screen behind her – as well as the train new design on the right…

The background was a bit blurred but i did my best to get as good as possible – and enhanced the colors – of this new rendering showing the entrance arch of the Incredicoaster.

The video also includecsome great close shot of the coaster structure…

…and on this next picture there is another new rendering on the right…

…here is a closer view of it. Looks to me that it shows a midway game – if not, it’s probably the inside of a shop.

But  if you look again on the picture above this one you’ll see the tube in which the coaster train enter, with these openings at the end of it. WDI Imagineers thougth that it would be the perfect place to have a 40 foot Mrs Incredible stretching up through them and trying to catch Jack-Jack! Here is the WDI model of the scene, and the train will run right under them.

Another great scene was shown in the video and it seems to be one at the end of the ride with Edna being the baby sitter of Jack-Jack – a terrible one apparently – and we’ll probably have an Audio-Animatronic of Edna in that scene, may be even Audio-Animatronics of both of them…

Below, a WDI Imagineer at work on a real size model of Edna.

Another interesting shot in the video shows the Imagineers experimenting the ride inWDI famous simulation room “The DISH”.

Don’t miss the video below in which the Imagineers tell you more about the Incredicoaster story and how they approach storytelling on a high-speed attraction.

Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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