I think I’d still try to do Pandora last. Say you arrive by 8:30, head over to DinoLand first, then walk up to Asia and ride EE (if interested) and KRR (probably wouldn’t need a FP for the first hour of park time, but you could set your first FP for this), then walk the Maharajah trek so kids can dry off, head over to Africa to check in for your TH reservation, then ride the Safari with FP at a time like 11:45-12:45 or something like that, so you can be in the window as soon as your TH meal is done), if you plan to see Lion King show, you could do that next or head up to Rifiki’s if you plan to do that. Then spend some time in Discovery Island before heading over to Pandora with afternoon FoP FP. Something like that could work, obviously not knowing all of the specifics of what you are hoping to see and do with your whole party. :)

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